The Message for the Week is a Southern Vermont weekly newspaper that was founded by Joan and Bill Johnson in 1974. From the start, it was created with the idea of focusing on positive news from the dozens of small communities that comprise the paperís distribution area. Now in its 38th year of publication, The Message continues to honor that tradition of positive news and being the voice for small town Southern Vermont.
Editorially, The Message is organized by the central towns we cover - Chester, Londonderry/Weston, Ludlow, Rockingham and Springfield - covering news and events from the Brattleboro to Rutland regions. We also have regular Arts and Entertainment, Sports, Home and Garden, Health and Book sections. In a largely rural region, The Message is the place to look for what is happening in Southern Vermont, from church dinners to live music, fraternal club events or news from your local animal shelter.
We are direct mailed to 14,000 homes and have another 6,500 copies dropped at busy stores, restaurants and meeting places throughout the region, making The Message one of the most widely read papers in the area.
We can be reached at 802-875-4790, or PO Box 759, Chester, VT 05143.
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